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Nov 27 2011

Love? :)


ano nga ba ang point ng pakikipag-relasyon?

a. para nasa uso

b. para may makasama ka na stable yung tipong laging andyan kasi nga “mag-on” kayo

c. nagmamahal ka kasi

d. rebound/ naging bf/gf mo kasi iniwan ka ng totoong karelasyon mo

hindi naman dapat lagi may ka-on ang isang tao eh pero…

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Nov 14 2011

dropped by, checked if this was still alive.

Lord. help me for tomorrow and the coming days…

Jul 9 2011

A random snippet, 10 years ago

  • Snake was the most action-filled game on GSM phones back then.
  • Counter-Strike Mods were in full bloom.
  • Pearl shakes were still very popular, and so are 5 pesos ice cream cones from etiher Jollibee or McDonalds.
  • Some months have passed since GMA seized power from Erap. Troubles soon ensue.
  • iPods were first launched.
Jun 22 2011

The meaning of meekness

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

- Matthew 5:5

Exercising power, with righteous control.

Full submission to God’s will, disregarding all selfishly driven assertiveness.

Remaining steadfast and content to God despite apparent prosperity of people who seemingly doesn’t deserve it.

Thank You Lord for Your wonderful Word. Amen.

Jun 3 2011

Do you have a crush in one you follows?


A definite yes. And if you are one whom I know, may I least have the courtesy of knowing you, having enough guts to ask me this question :D